What We're About

Welcome to Three Rabbit Yarns! My name is Kelly Bohling, and I am a fiber artist that specializes in Angora. Here at Three Rabbit Yarns, my business is a modern take on cottage industry. We (my husband and I) are based in Lawrence, Kansas, and we raise our own French Angora rabbits. All the fiber is hand-processed on site by me, including spinning, dyeing, knitting, and designing. I also specialize in natural dyeing using native dye plants. We collect the fiber from our rabbits by plucking, not shearing, which results in a longer staple length for a stronger, smoother yarn. The fiber plucked from the rabbits is in a post-shed stage, so the rabbits don't feel a thing and are rather happy to be that much lighter! You can rest assured that a purchase from Three Rabbits is supporting happy, healthy bunny conditions.

We feed them only fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, and greens—in the growing season they come exclusively from our own garden, which the bunnies help to cultivate.

Three Rabbit Yarns got its name from the its founding brothers who were, you might have guessed, Angora rabbits.

Getting In Touch With Us

Have a question? Feel free to email us at threerabbityarns@yahoo.com.

You can also connect with Three Rabbit Yarns on Facebook and visit our Etsy shop.