Bunny Blog

September 15th, 2016

Here's our little (or, not so little) Hilda. She's our only black French Angora rabbit, and as you can see in the video her fiber gets lighter as it nears her skin, to almost white. She is a great "wooler" and the yarn made from her fiber has a nice grey/black/white variegation when spun up. Hilda is one of our shyer rabbits, but she's very curious and energetic!! She and Beatritz are actually littermates--when they are side by side, you can see the resemblance. Our cat Floria, who just turned four years old, also makes a guest appearance in the video!

March 20, 2016

To kick off the first spring weekend of the year, we've made a little "introduction" video for you to get to know Béla a little better! I have been on spring break for the past week, so there's been lots of spinning going on, and I scored some neat fiber items from an estate sale! Among the goodies was a jar of cochineal (little beetles used for natural dyeing), different mordants (used to make natural dyeing colorfast) and some spinning wheel oil. I used the oil almost immediately, as my wheel had been getting pretty squeaky. Even though I'm back to school next week, keep in touch as we'll keep making videos for you to meet each one of our rabbits!

February 13th, 2016

Welcome to Three Rabbit Yarn’s new website! I’m excited to share my fiber adventures with you all, near and far. You can look forward to lots of fun photos of the bunnies on these blog posts, and following the progress of my spinning, dyeing, and knitting projects! I plan on posting some free patterns and both spinning and dyeing tips for those of you who are also obsessed with fiber work! Feel free to post a comment to our Facebook page with what you would like to learn about, or patterns/projects you’d like me to post about!